thank you so so much

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thank you so so much

Post  chiarababy on Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:39 am

I was driving along the coast one eve when my car broke down and what made it worst was the road is too dark and to my dismay I don't have
a credit on my phone.. I already heard of the 08000 mumdad thing but I never really tried it
before since I thought it's only for kids to get in touch with their parents .. I just tried
it and called up my hubby and it works! it connects me instantly with my husband and the line was good
thou it's kinda pricey but hey what's a couple of pounds for your safety huh? after a few mins
my husband was already where I was and I am so thankful to this service.... 08000 mum dad !! keep it
up guys you really saved my life!!


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